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Working Performance Of Colorful Solar Panel

     Working principle of polycrystalline silicon solar panel battery: Generally lead-acid batteries, small micro-systems, can also be used Ni-MH batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries. The effect is to store the energy emitted by the solar panel when there is light and then release it when needed. Inverter: In many occasions, the need to provide 220VAC, 110VAC AC power. Because the direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC. To provide power to 220VAC electrical appliances, the DC energy emitted from the solar power system needs to be converted into alternating current energy, so the AC inverter is needed. In some cases, the need to use a variety of voltage load, but also to use the DC inverter, such as 24VDC power conversion to 5VDC of electricity (note, not simple buck).Colorful Solar Panel
     Ordinary solar panels usually only absorb part of the sun spectrum, and usually only in the absorption of direct sunlight when the efficiency is high, so many solar devices are equipped with an automatic adjustment system to ensure that solar panels always with the sun to maintain the most favorable energy absorption angle. The new coating mainly solves two technical problems, one is to help solar panels absorb almost all of the solar spectrum, and the other is to absorb solar panels from a larger angle of the sun, thereby increasing the efficiency of solar panels absorbing sunlight.Colorful Solar Panel
    Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the optical volt effect of semiconductor interface to convert light energy directly into electric energy. The key component of this technology is solar cells. Solar cells in series after the package protection can form a large area of the solar module, and then with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power plant. The advantages of photovoltaic power generation are less limited by geographical constraints, because the sun shines on the earth; Photovoltaic systems also have the advantages of safe, reliable, noise-free, low pollution, no fuel consumption and the construction of transmission lines can be in-situ power generation and short period of time.Colorful Solar Panel