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The Structure And Composition Of Solar Panels

1) the role of tempered glass in order to protect the main power generation (such as battery), light selection is required, 1. Transmittance must be high (generally more than 91%); 2. Ultra-white steel treatment

2) EVA used to bond fixed glass and power generation main body (such as battery), transparent EVA material directly affect the quality of the component life, exposure to air in the EVA easy to aging yellow, thus affecting the component's light transmittance , Thus affecting the quality of components in addition to the quality of EVA itself, the components manufacturers of laminated technology is also very large, such as EVA glue degree is not up to standard, EVA and tempered glass, backplane bonding strength is not enough, will cause EVA early Aging, affecting component life.

3) The main role of the battery is the power generation, power generation main market is the mainstream of crystalline silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, both of their advantages and disadvantages. Crystalline silicon solar cells, the equipment cost is relatively low, but the consumption and the cost of the battery is very high, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high, in the outdoor sun power generation more appropriate; thin film solar cells, the relative cost of equipment, but consumption and battery The cost is very low, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than half of the crystalline silicon cell chip, but the low light effect is very good, in ordinary light can also generate electricity, such as the calculator on the solar cell.